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I am a philosopher, writer, and student of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. I was Founder and President of American Renaissance School, a private high school with high academic standards.

My 2009 paper published in Philosophy of Science has grown into an eBook, The Longevity Argument.

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See my series of blog posts, “The Volitional, Objective Basis for Heterosexuality in Romantic Love and Marriage.” I argue that marriage is between a man and a woman--not based on religion or procreation, but based on the importance of gender in a romantic relationship. I debunk the mainstream theories that affirm non-heterosexual orientations. Most importantly, I present a positive theory of heterosexual romantic love, and I argue for the importance of knowing explicitly one's basic ideas and value judgments that are consistent with one's sexual orientation.


Current Work in Philosophy

I am currently doing further research related to my theory of causality and induction, outlined in the 2002 draft of my planned treatise, A Theory of Knowledge.


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A Theory of Propositions

Essays on the Philosophy of Mathematics

Reading Fiction: Theory and Practice

What Does "Existence" Differentiate?

The Universe: Finite or Infinite?

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Here are some of my favorites:

Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (4/16/2011)

The Philosophical Absurdity Underlying Stimulus Spending (10/3/2010)

Keynesianism, like Marxism, denies the role of the mind in production.

The Real Injustice in New Orleans: The Welfare State's Assault on the Productive Individual (9/23/05)

Mars: Who Should Own It (1/20/04)
Suppose the US Government made the following declaration: "The first person to land on Mars, and to live there some specified minimum duration (such as a year), and to return alive owns the entire Red Planet."

Remember September 11 and 12
The Age of Invisible Virtue (2/6/03)

Historians have always been fascinated by the falls of great civilizations such as ancient Greece and Rome. But no fall contains more important lessons for mankind than the fall of the United States of America, which ended the Age of Invisible Virtue and plunged the entire Earth into the Second Dark Ages.

The Collectivist Notion of "Giving Back to Society" (2/11/02)
In justice, productive individuals have no obligation to give away one penny of what they have earned, just as a customer has no obligation to "give back" the automobile and computer he has bought.

How To Defeat the Hollywood Unions
Actor/Writer Explains Why and How to Break Union "Solidarity" in the Coming Strikes.

Obama and Hitler. Hitler and Obama.

Compare speeches by these two national socialists.
Hitler's Proclamation by the Government to the German Nation, Feb. 1, 1933.
Obama's Announcement for President, Feb. 10, 2007.

Obama's Battle: Read passages from Mein Kampf and Hitler's first speech as German Chancellor that capture the essence of Obama's ethics and politics.

See me excoriate Obama--and defend liberty--on YouTube.

Gore’s Long-Standing Assault on Reason

Read Al Gore’s animistic argument, published in 1993, underlying environmentalism and his call to surrender reason to faith.

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